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How to use our portable UV sterilization lamp safety?

We all know that exposure to UV germicidal lamps can cause serious damage to the skin and eyes. The following is a safe guide on how to use our UV disinfection lamps. Ourportable UV sterilization lamp is mostly used in cabinets, wardrobes, bathrooms and other small areas because its effective range is less than 2 square meters. These lights usually produce a lot of ozone (reactive oxygen), which permeates everything and smells a little like bleach. We designed it with delay switch, when you press the switch, it doesn’t light right away. Don’t worry, it’s not broken, just lights up after 30 seconds for safe, this is the time we leave for you to leave away.So turn on the lights and leave immediately. And make sure no people or pets are allowed in the room while the lights are on.It will automatically shuts down after 30 minutes, which is also designed to avoid physical discomfort from contact with it. Although the light can be turned off automatically after 30 minutes, I recommend that you could continue to stay out of the room for 30 minutes or more to keep the ozone levels down. The smell of ozone can last for days at low levels. Packing well to ensure better use next time. It is very important that the lamps and light boxes are clearly marked to indicate that it is dangerous and cannot be touched or viewed. Store it in a safe place where the kids can’t find it. The ability of a room to be

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30Led UV Germicidal Lamp Portable Ultraviolet Disinfection Lamp for Home Office

Our UV germicidal lamps are mainly exported to UK, Italy, Russia, Korea, Malaysia, etc.           At present, orders for UV germicidal lamps continue to be sufficient, the first quarter of this year, the proportion of UV germicidal lamps revenue is about 58%, the market demand is greater, which is conducive to improving the business performance in 2020, at present, the company is still continuing to expand capacity. At this stage, the impact of the epidemic has slowed down and investors are beginning to pay attention to the impact on the demand for UV germicidal products after the epidemic. We believe that the epidemic has significantly enhanced the public’s awareness of daily protection, UV germicidal lamps have become a new choice for many consumers to upgrade consumption, more widely into the homes of residents, schools, hospitals, government agencies, banks and other units and public places will gradually strengthen the disinfection of sterilization equipment configuration, will further promote the medium and long-term market demand for UV germicidal lamps. Based on the current market demand and the company’s capital situation, the company takes ultraviolet germicidal lamps as the focus of business, and continues to expand production and sales efforts to quickly thicken the results.

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