5050 RGB LED Strip

  • Copper base and gold wire for SMD LED
  • Same bin of SMD LEDs for same customer
  • Double layer pure copper PCB
  • Easy and flexible installation. Ideal for home and business lighting decoration.
Input Voltage

12V, 24V

Max current





Double, 3 OZ



IP Rating

IP20, IP65, IP67, IP68


2-5 years




Details About 5050 RGB LED Strip


SMD LED 5050 flex strip light features 50mm × 50mm surface mounted diodes. It is Tri-chips, so flexible 5050 smd led strip light can produce three different colors of light simultaneously.

Cuminlux could supply 30LED/M, 60LED/M color change RGB LED strip light for both indoor and outdoor using. 5050 constant voltage LED strip light series is high brightness led strip light. 60ma, 18-20lm each led. The power of a single LED is about 0.24W. Ra80 and Ra90 were available. DC12V and DC24V are optional.

5050 RGB strip belongs to the 5050 color series LED strip. The light strip uses three-color in one LED chip. The three colors can use R (Red), G (Green), B (Blue), Y (Yellow), A (Amber). ) and so on, such as RGB, RGY, RGA, RRG.

5050 RGB led strip lights have been introduced to LED Strip market earlier, they are growing in popularity as more and more people shift towards LED lighting technology.


Basic parameter for 5050 RGB LED Strip Light Series


30LEDs/m 5050 RGB LED Strip Lights Parameter



60LEDs/m 5050 RGB LED Strip Lights Parameter



Waterproof Type for 5050 RGB LED Strip Light Series


Wiring Diagram Show for 5050 RGB LED Strip Lights

1. 5050 RGB led strip lights + 12V/24V DC Controller + LED Power Supply




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