LED Camping Lamp

  • Creative Hook Design
  • Durable Emergency Lamp
  • The optimal sanitizer far lamp wave is 254nm.
  • No extra cost for batteries.
  • Applicable place: home, kindergarten, hospital, office, hotel, can also be used in disinfecting pet supplies.


LED Type






Charging Mode

USB Charging

Charing TIme

4-5 Hours


2 years



Packging Size

23x 10x 10mm

Gross Weight


Details About LED Camping Lamp


  • Creative Hook Design – The outdoor lamp can be hung tighter, so don’t worry about being blown off by the wind
  • Durable Emergency Lamp – Built with superior, high-quality materials that are safe and reliable to help provide maximum durability and water resistance whenever or wherever you go
  • Ease Of Use – Full Brightness, Half Brightness, and SOS. You can select your preferred mode according to different kinds of activities by pressing the high-grade rubber button,hanging hook is designed to hang it in tent or outside branches,or hand it to your backpack when hiking
  • Bright And Comfortable Lamp – Using 3 LED lights, its high-setting of 100 Lumens offers maximum brightness that can easily light up about 4 square meters area.The lampshade is matte, provide soft and comfortable lights
  • Lightweight and portable, waterproof and compact


  • When you not use it, please do not place the lamp in hot, humid environment for long time
  • Please replace the battery in time when the light dimmed to ensure the longer lasting use
  • It’s best to bring two lights and three spare batteries for a rainy day
  • When replacing the battery, pay attention to the instructions and note the direction of the arrow pointing at the slot

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